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Misc Paintings

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12x16 Oil on Panel
Item# 0716089

Branchbrook Park, NJ
Cherry Blossoms
11x14 Oil on Panel
Item# 00412081

Blue Slippers
11x14 Oil on Panel
Item# 00428083

20x24" Oil on Canvas
Item# 00127083

The Collector
11x14 Oil on Canvas
Item# 00208081

NYC Graffitti
8x10 Oil on Canvas
Item# 00214082

Oyster Gathers, after Sargent
11x15 Casein
Item# 00128082

11x14 Oil on Canvas
Item# 00127082

724 Shopper
11x15 Casein
Item# 00207081

10x10 Oil on Canvas
Item# 00624071

The Bath
18x18" Acrylic on Canvas
Item# 0109081
pet portrait
Chicken Portrait
9x12 Oil on panel
Item# 00427071

Catching Crayfish
11x14 Oil on Canvas
Item# 00928071

Monkey Portrait
9x12 oil on panel
Item# 01006071
pet portrait
Portrait of Buster
8x10 Oil on Board
SOLD, Commission

Still Life with Olives, Garlic
9x12 Oil
Item# 00918071
Pet portrait
Portrait of Henry
9x12 oil on panel
SOLD, Commission

Spring Lambs (Plein Air)
9x12 Oil on canvas
Item# 00416060

Garlic II
10x10 Oil
Item# 00828061

Still Life with Ivy
11x14" Oil
Item# 00213070

5x7 Oil

11x14 Charcoal on Vellum
Item# 00407079

Black Bear
5x7 Oil

Mr. Cat
5x7 Oil

John (Plein Air)
9x12" Oil on panel

10x10 Oil
Item# 00828063
pet portrait
Llama (Plein Air)
11x14 Oil on Panel
Item# 00624072

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